Uninstalling Meraki Systems Manager Agent with CMD

Uninstalling Meraki Systems Manager Agent with command prompt is very straight forward. From a remote command prompt enter the following command;

msiexec.exe /qn /x {5AED9348-0440-4180-9A5A-8F082684B011}

The command above will Uninstall Meraki Systems Manager using the same method as ‘Add/Remove Programs’ on the local computer.

The ‘/qn‘ parameter specifies a Silent Uninstall and the ‘/x’ parameter specifies to Uninstall. The Product ID is within the curly brackets.

As a bonus, you can use System Manager’s Remote Command feature to uninstall itself! Just run the command above, wait a few minutes and the client will show offline. Once offline you can remove it from your Meraki Dashboard.


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