Resolving Sophos Enterprise Console Error 00000049

Sophos Endpoint LogoInstalling or re-installing Sophos Antivirus on endpoints with error code 0x00000049.

By following this guide, I cannot be held accountable for any damage or loss caused. Do so at your own risk.

Please check Add or Remove Programs or Programs and Features to make sure all previous antivirus software is uninstalled. If you are re-installing a misconfigured or misbehaving installation of Sophos Antivirus then leave it installed as it will be replaced.

1. Protect the endpoint using the “Protect Computers” wizard.

2. Identify the error which caused the installation to fail using the “View Computer Details” option from the right click menu.

We are particularly interested in resolving the error below, however I also have some troubleshooting tips at the end of this guide if you still encounter issues;

00000049 Cancelled Sophos installation and removal of third-party security software. The software being removed may include a firewall or other component that is not being replaced. Make sure the package you are installing provides equivalent protection to the package being removed.
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