Gex Ratings (Facepunch Style) Plugin for WordPress

The Background

If you have ever visited you will know that the ratings system for posts is a well known feature of the site for getting and sharing feedback and opinions on content. The facepunch rating system is one aspect of the site I have loved (and still love) since I first registered way back in March 2006 (scary I know).

The Future

Having been inspired by the facepunch rating system I decided to code my very first WordPress plugin. What’s a better candidate than the ratings system we all know and love? The Gex Ratings (Facepunch Style) WordPress Plugin was born.

If you hadn’t already noticed I have had a facepunch style rating system on my blog for approximately a year now. I finally managed to find some time to recode the entire plugin from the ground up and fix a few bugs and gripes I had with the original code along the way.

I wanted to get the plugin to a state where I felt the code was acceptable and to a standard that could be shared within the WordPress community. Today marks that day where I’m happy to share my plugin with the world.

The plugin is designed to be as simple as possible, simply; download, install, activate and forget! I did mention that to add/remove a rating all you have to do is upload/delete the respective file right?

Below is a gallery detailing some of the plugins features;

You can download the official plugin at

Your feedback is very much welcome.

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